Teletalk Agami Sim Registration GPA5 holders in SSC Level

By   June 11, 2016

Teletalk Agami Sim Registration 2016: Teletalk Agami SSC Scholarship 2016 for GPA5 Students gets an offer from Teletalk Bangladesh at Teletalk gpa 5 sim will provide to the Successful GPA5 holds in SSC Exam. Teletalk Agami Sim for SSC GPA-5 Holder Students 2016 registration procedure is starting from 10th June (Friday) 2016.
Teletalk Agami Sim Registration process:

* The Agami SIM will be distributed to GPA5 holders at SSC level.

* SSC passing year 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 is only eligible for Agami SIM registration.

* The student is not allowed for Agami SIM who has already received earlier.

* SIM can be collected from his/her Chosen Customer Care after getting SMS from Teletalk.

* SMS Process: Go to your SMS option and type- Complete Agami SMS registration by sending an SMS to 16222 from Teletalk Number. SMS format:

GPA5 <space>Full Name of SSC Exam Board<space>SSC Exam Roll No.<space>SSC Exam Passing Year<space>Mobile No. <CC Code  > & send it to 16222.

[GPA5   sscRoll   sscBoard   sscExamYear   contactNo   CC Code   ]

GPA5 123467 DHA 2016 01551****** 101

In return SMS students will get Name & Registration code.

* Teletalk will notify the date of SIM collection later through SMS, Official Website , Press or facebook fan page .

* Registration Start Date: 10 June 2016

* Registration End Date: 10 July 2016

Download User Manual in Bangla
Download User Manual in English
 Download CC Code

Download User Registration Form  
Advantages of Teletalk Agami Package:

* Lowest mobile bill in any operator.
* Teletalk to Teletalk number (voice call only) — TK .25 per min
* Teletalk to other number (voice call only) — TK .60 per min as well as 11< .10/mm
* Teletalk to Teletalk number (voice call and video call) — TK .25 per min and lOsec pulse
* High speed internet.