Rescuers recovered the black box in French of crashed plane

By   March 25, 2015

The unit had left at 10.01 from the airport of El Prat , with a delay of 26 minutes compared to the originally scheduled departure time, as confirmed by Aena. Although initial reports pointed to 148 victims, as indicated by the company on his Twitter account , the plane was traveling with 144 passengers and six crew (two pilots and four assistants cabs). Among those aboard the plane were two babies. According to the passenger list, 45 of the people aboard the stricken apparatus have Spanish surnames.

An aircraft

A company spokesman has been estimated at 67 German passengers, including 16 students who had been on an exchange trip with families Giola Institute in Llinars del Vallés (Barcelona). With them also flew two teachers.

“It will take days to recover the remains,” said a senior Gendarmerie Reuters after seeing a dozen parts of the plane flying over the area by helicopter. The remainder of the apparatus is pulverized.

“A helicopter was able to land (in the area) to unfortunately find that there are only victims,” ​​the French prime minister, Manuel Valls . The prime minister said that “can not rule out any hypothesis” about what It has happened to the crashed plane and has ruled that survivors.

Socialist MP in the region Selon Christophe Castaner said that the remains are scattered in an area two miles. Castaner described in his Twitter account the first scenes with those found by rescue services “. gruesome images in this mountain scenery Nothing left but wreckage and bodies.”
A spokesman for Germanwings explained that at 10.47 the Airbus -pilotado by a commander with 10 years of experience and 6,000 hours of flight-, began to lose altitude. A few minutes stood at 1,800 meters and 10.53 was the last contact. Nearby, the highest peaks reach 3,000 meters.Rescuers recovered the black box of crashed plane.

The plane went from 30,000 (9000 meters) to 6,900 feet (1800 meters) in just nine minutes. Is traveling at a speed of at least 650 kilometers per hour. According to the French Foreign Ministry, the rough is one of the oldest aircraft company . Winkelmann has denied that the age of the aircraft can be a cause, but did not want to “speculate” on the reasons of the accident and has chosen to be “prudent”. The aircraft issued no emergency call was the driver of the nearest airport which sounded the alarm when it detected the continuing loss of height.

The device, with registration D-AIPX and made the same journey in the opposite direction, this morning was built in 1990 and entered service a year later. Before becoming part of the fleet of Germanwings, in January last year, had flown with Lufthansa colors. The latest in-depth technical review was in summer 2013, as reported by Winkelmann, but on Monday passed a test of routine nature. Had 58,313 hours of flight.
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In an appearance before the media, Lufthansa vice president for Europe, Heike Birlenbach, has confirmed that the device was revised hours before the accident. “If the 100% approval is given, not taking off,” he remarked. The German group owner Germanwings still values ​​move the families of the victims to the scene. For now, the closest to the Spanish passengers on the plane were taken to hotels near the airport of El Prat (Barcelona). “It’s a black day in the history of our company,” said Birlenbach. The head of the air group has refused to “speculate” on the reasons of the accident.

The Deputy Mayor of Prads-Haute-Bléone, the commune (group of villages) where the accident occurred, Alain Ciardet, has told this newspaper how the plane has crashed into a Estrop massif, located 2981 meters. “The problem is there are no roads and the emergency services can only be reached by helicopter,” he explained. The Gendarmerie is reported that there are already deployed nine helicopters and 210 gendarmes that target the area of ​​the accident. In the coming hours will increase to nearly 600 the number of staff assigned to the rescue.

One of the problems that rescuers are is light, as the sun sets in this area, around 18.30. This will oblige emergency services to suspend the work until tomorrow morning, as confirmed by the French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve . The accident occurred exactly at Val d’Allos, one ski area where there are trails only, so only accessible by helicopter.

The incident coincides with the scheduled state visit of the Kings of France, which has been suspended. Before leaving Paris, monarchs have come to the focal point of the crisis enabled in the French capital.

The Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria , has confirmed that the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, has traveled to the scene along with his German and French counterparts. He announced that the Spanish president Mariano Rajoy, will move Wednesday to the crash site. Saenz de Santamaria has also declared an official three-day mourning and has called for a minute of silence at noon tomorrow. The Government is confident that Germanwings confime “as soon as possible” the final list of passengers of the aircraft.
Rajoy has received condolences from several European prime ministers, including Greek Alexis Tsipras, and President of the EU executive, Jean-Claude Juncker. The Prime Minister has reported, meanwhile, the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez , and had a conversation with King -of official visit to Paris-and the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas. But Rajoy and travel together to the scene.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it has activated the Consular Emergency Unit, which is coordinating the activities of the consulates of Marseille and Düsseldorf, the nearest to the scene to assist victims and their families.

The device is an Airbus A320 , with a capacity of 150 passengers. Gendarmerie helicopters have confirmed to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) have located the device near Prads-Haute-Bléone between Digne-les-Bains and Barcelonnette.

The French government, through its Interior spokesman, confirmed minutes before noon the air disaster. Soon after, the French President François Hollande has publicly expressed his condolences and though assured that no data yet on the causes and circumstances of the accident, has said it is possible that no survivor. As he explained, for the moment, “we do not know the identity of the victims,” ​​although “there are probably many German victims.”Rescuers recovered the black box of crashed plane.

Germanwings has canceled “for operational reasons” flight between Madrid and Düsseldorf he should take off at 20.05 the German airport.

Shares of Lufthansa and Airbus have closed the trading day without big drops. The German airline group has fallen by 1.56% after reaching 3% fall throughout the day. The titles of the European aircraft manufacturer have left, meanwhile, 0.83% in Madrid floors.Rescuers recovered the black box of crashed plane.

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